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Resource Centre for Immigrant Women Launched

Calgary, AB, Wednesday, April 7, 2010 --- Immigrant Services Calgary is pleased to announce the official launch of the Integrated Women’s Mentorship Program Resource Centre. At a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, March 26, mentees, mentors and sponsors gathered to celebrate the empowerment of professional immigrant and refugee women. The thought-provoking ceremony dealt with issues such as diversity, the negative effects of racism, the role of women in migration, and the enhancement of family harmony; all issues that immigrant women deal with every day.

 “Mentorship is not about being in front of someone or behind them, mentorship is truly being by somebody’s side.” announced Immigrant Services Calgary CEO, Din Ladak at the ceremony.  The Integrated Women’s Mentorship Program connects skilled immigrant women with established professional women in similar fields, helping them to overcome barriers to employment and to reestablish their careers in Canada.

“To see such an open mind that is willing to absorb any information and at the same time analyze what fits her needs and to adjust accordingly, is so impressive. She is the best "student" I ever had.” Says mentor Cristina Popescu of her mentee. The mentorship program provides opportunities for networking, advice and guidance on Canadian workplace practices. “My mentor is so experienced and successful in her career. I think she can guide me well in finding my career path.” Said mentee Rashmi Sharma

The Resource Centre provides a friendly and encouraging environment for mentoring, as well as access to the internet. A library that focuses on employment, career, professional, and personal growth will supplement the Integrated Women’s Mentorship Program. The program is funded by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the United Way of Calgary and Area, the Shell Immigrant Employment Project, TD Bank Financial Group, the Status of Women Canada and Nexen.