Volunteer of the Month - September 2014

Doug Harrison is Immigrant Services Calgary’s Volunteer of the Month. Doug is a Mentor for the Integrated Mentorship Program (IMP).

Volunteer of the month - Sept 2014

The IMP seeks to connect professionally qualified skilled immigrants with established Canadian professionals in their respective fields of expertise and to empower them with the skills and knowledge necessary to find gainful employment.

Doug is a professional engineer with over 40 years’ experience in engineering and construction of bridges, buildings and other civil infrastructure.  He has extensive experience in design, project management, pre-construction services, construction delivery methods and risk management. He has proven executive leadership that has resulted in consistent company growth and long-term success.

For the past 20 years he has lead the continuous improvement of project delivery and business processes as well as the accelerated development of young professionals.


Doug has been actively involved in various project delivery processes which include construction management, design-build and P3.  He has monitored the project delivery from the “RFP” stage to project completion and subsequently improved the processes to enhance client satisfaction, ensure on-time and on-budget delivery, reduces risk, and increase productivity. He has developed and implemented effective training on project management, risk management, cost planning, quality assurance and control, and safety.  Doug also developed and successfully implemented an ISO 9000 Program for consulting engineering company.

Doug has been a Mentor since August 2013. He has mentored seven clients and still continues to mentor more. Almost all his mentees have been empowered by Doug to find jobs in their areas of expertise. Doug is a painstaking detail oriented Mentor, who goes the extra mile with each of his mentees.  Not only has he helped his mentees in fine tuning their resumes and helping them with their interview skills, he has also expanded their network which is so essential to find gainful employment.

Doug has shared his mentoring experiences in our mentor orientation. Doug has also helped facilitate workshops for the IMP as well as employment bridging services.

Doug is an invaluable addition to the IMP team of mentors. He continues to take on new mentees and empower them with right skills to be successful.

Congratulations Doug!


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