Volunteer of the Month - June 2015

Yakelin Diaz is Immigrant Services Calgary’s volunteer of the Month! Yakelin has been an outstanding volunteer since 2013 – contributing over 300 volunteer hours.



Yakelin was born in Venezuela, South America. When she graduated from University, she worked for many years as an English teacher and a translator. She immigrated to Canada with her husband and children in 2012. As soon as she felt her children were doing well at school and settled in their new country, she started to look for volunteer opportunities. She decided to offer her skills as a Spanish Interpreter and Translator. Working as a volunteer enabled Yakelin to network and meet new people; furthermore, she was able to get to know her new city as she needed to travel to different places.

Yakelin is currently working as an English Instructor at the YMCA and as a casual Spanish Interpreter for different organizations in Calgary. She loves teaching adults, newcomers or people who have been living in Canada for a while that haven’t had the chance to study English.



“I am really grateful for having the opportunity to live in this beautiful country. I enjoy every minute of it! There is always something to do, something new to learn, and new experiences to live. One of my hobbies has always been reading, and I do it every day!  I like to read historical novels because at the same time I can learn about historical facts, but I also like reading fictional stories that I can relate to in some way or another and could have happened to anyone. My favourite activity during the summer is going camping with my family and my friends. We try to visit different places every time; there are so many places to see and enjoy! I also love hiking, getting to the top of a mountain and feeling I have reached a goal. If I have to describe myself in one word, it would be ‘accomplished’ since it is how I feel when I contribute in a helpful way in a person’s life. Thank you Immigrant Services Calgary for giving me the opportunity to feel this way and by giving me the chance to improve people’s lives and help them communicate.”


Congratulations Yakelin!


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