Volunteer of the Month - July 2015

Kristina, Chris, Shea, Victoria, Hameed, and Hajar are Immigrant Services Calgary’s volunteers of the Month! These amazing “Community Volunteers” have been tutoring a group of underserved children living in one of Calgary Housing’s Complexes in the North West.

Volunteer_July2015Kristina is a Jr High Math and Physical Education Teacher. During her down time, you can find her cheering for her favourite teams! She loves teaching, which is why she volunteers her time to help kids in need. She likes to have a game-based approach to engage students. “I care a lot about everyone I teach, and will always try to make activities interesting and engaging. Giving back to the community is important, and I feel like I am also an excellent role model.”

Chris was born in Toronto and moved to Calgary four years ago. He has volunteered with summer camps and tutoring high school students in the past, and has taken up a role with Immigrant Services Calgary’s outreach program to tutor children ranging from elementary to high school. Chris enjoys volunteering with Immigrant Services Calgary because it fosters a positive environment to help children learn and grow as people. In his spare time, Chris enjoys playing basketball and reading.

Shea works for a research and innovation center called the W21C. She is an avid soccer player and loves to travel. She actually lived in Spain for 9 months teaching English to elementary age children. “I think this experience definitely helped with my interest in the Homework Club. It's great to see how much the kids enjoy their school work and it's very satisfying as a tutor to watch their development and growth in their studies.”

Victoria is a born and raised Calgarian. She works in the Oil and Gas industry doing regulatory compliance and pipeline risk assessment. During her time at the University of Calgary she worked as a Teaching Assistant and Tutor while earning her Engineering degree. Victoria is currently volunteering with the homework club. She enjoys working with all the different age groups of kids especially in Math and Science.

Originally from Bangladesh, Hameed was born in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and immigrated to Canada with his parents and four siblings in 1998. He graduated from the University of Calgary and currently works in the electricity industry. Hameed finds volunteering as a tutor a very rewarding experience that allows him to help children with their homework and make a positive contribution to their learning. In his spare time, Hameed enjoys playing soccer.

Hajar was born in Morocco and moved to Canada at a very young age. She grew up in Quebec and later moved to Ontario where she completed her high school and University degrees in mathematics and economics. She moved to Calgary almost two years ago and truly enjoys living here. “Tutoring/Mentoring has been a part of my life for over 13 years now and I hope it will continue to be for many more. It is a tremendously rewarding role to play in someone’s life and often a small amount of one person’s time can open a world of new possibilities for another. When I learned of the possibility to be involved as a tutor with Immigrant Services Calgary I couldn’t have thought of a better opportunity. I hope the program continues on and gets the opportunity to grow and reach out to more communities.”


Congratulations Kristina, Chris, Shea, Victoria, Hameed, and Hajar!


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