Volunteer of the Month - July 2014

Christina Li is Immigrant Service’s Calgary Volunteer of the Month.

Volunteer of the month - July 2014Christina volunteers as an Employment Coach. She has been a volunteer with ISC since December 2013 and has contributed more than 70 volunteer hours. As a coach Christina assists clients in creating or editing resumes and cover letters that reflect each client’s qualifications. This job requires working with a client to build a resume, editing existing resume, assisting in the creation of a cover letter, or working with a client to prepare for an interview.

Christina says:

“I immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong with my family 23 years ago when I was a teenager. I attended school in Montreal and went to the University of Toronto. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, I knew I wanted a career in human services.

I always loved working with people. I appreciate diversity and accept the uniqueness of individuals. So my previous jobs combined my love for people and human services. I have many years of experience working in the non-profit and education sector in the areas of community services, mental health, volunteer management, administrative support, and research. The most satisfying part of my jobs was working with people from all different backgrounds and improving the community’s capacity and inclusiveness.

I moved recently to Calgary with my husband. I love Calgary’s cleanliness, sunny weather, and its food scene. So far I have enjoyed living in this rapidly growing city! Before moving to Alberta, I lived in three other provinces: Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. Each of the provinces has its own unique culture and history. It was very fun to live in different parts of Canada. I can now call Canada home.  

My passion for helping new immigrants inspired me to volunteer at Immigrant Services Calgary. I am thrilled with my current role as an employment coach. With my current training in career development, I am able to assist newcomers in writing resumes, improving job search skills, and accessing useful resources. Seeing them gain confidence is the most rewarding part. Volunteering at ISC has been a wonderful experience. Not only is it challenging – it’s also a very friendly work environment.

In my spare time, I like watching TV shows (I am a big fan of Food Network Canada!), reading, joining Zumba classes and having potluck gatherings with friends. This month, we have the 2014 FIFA World Cup – my favorite sport game to watch!”

Thank you for your hard work, Christina!


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