November Volunteer of the Month

November 2012 - Colin Luo


ISC’s November volunteer of the month is Colin Luo.

Colin Luo has been a member of the Youth Volunteer Program (YVP) since August 2010, and has contributed 230 hours to the Youth Volunteer Program since that time. In September 2012 Colin joined the Youth Advisory Council (YAC) to give leadership to the YVP program and events. We love having him as part of the YVP team! Below is Colin’s story:

“Outside of the Youth Volunteer Program, I am currently a grade 10 student at Western Canada High School. I enjoy track and field activities, badminton, karate, and field games like soccer and Ultimate Frisbee. My journey as a youth volunteer began with the suggestion of a friend. At that time, I was hoping to simply find experience, meet different people, and gain new skills. Being a new volunteer, I only knew my one friend who introduced me. With my naturally timid personality, I felt uneasy, and somewhat intimidated, however with a practiced reassuring tone and calm, positive attitude, I began to feel comfortable, and introduce myself with confidence. Over time, I grew more familiar with my fellow volunteers, and I am now able to strike up a friendly conversation between any of my peers, and offer a welcome handshake to any new volunteer.

My original linear goal has shifted to gaining leadership and helping others around me. I had felt the uncertain feelings of a new volunteer before, and I was lucky to have a guiding figure to help forge my path. As a high school student, I make an effort to encourage my peers to join the Youth Volunteer Program, and participate in different events. I also hope to create more comfortable and relaxed activities for newcomer youth, and to assist in process of integration as a recent member of the YAC. With regular events, new volunteers only introduce themselves and nothing more and I hope to offer more chances to converse, and work closely with other volunteers in a relaxed informal environment.  With my experience as a youth volunteer, I feel that it is a key step to integrate, and help make youth more comfortable as volunteers. Overall, my experience with the YVP has helped me gain valuable life skills, and I hope to continue to learn new skills and improve my leadership qualities as a youth volunteer and a member of the YAC”.

Congratulations Colin and thank you for your outstanding contributions to the Youth Volunteer Program!!


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