March Volunteer of the Month

March 2013 - Amrita Lall

March 1st was the 17th Annual Immigrants of Distinction Awards. The “sold out” event provided extraordinary and inspirational testimonials from the finalists and recipients. We were also entertained by the amazing multicultural dancers and singers.

75 volunteers who gave us more than 500 hours of their time played a key role in the success of this event.

One of these volunteers was Amrita Lall. Since signing up with ISC in 2006, Amrita has generously volunteered at every IDA.

“The Immigrants of Distinction Awards is my favorite event to volunteer at with the ISC because it brings together such a diversity of cultures and backgrounds which I find fascinating”.

Amrita is a recent graduate who is passionate about giving back to the Calgary community, being an advocate for the environment and living life positively. One of her biggest accomplishments includes the completion of her Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Development. Through her education, environmental work and volunteer experience, she has learned that a whole is truly the sum of its parts. Amrita believes that “no city can function without sustaining all the vital parts of a society which include social, economic and environmental factors”. This thoughtful insight is one of the reasons why     Amrita has been such an avid volunteer in the Calgary community. Amrita states, “I have had the privilege to volunteer with ISC since 2006 and I have gained an appreciation of the work they do and the contribution they make to ensuring that we sustain the social aspects of our city.”

One of her hobbies includes traveling, and in the future she hopes to visit and learn about many different cultures.

 “My experience with ISC has been wonderful, not only have I been able to give back to the community and make great connections but, I have had the opportunity to see the world through diverse perspectives which has been invaluable. I look forward to volunteering with the ISC for many years to come”.

Congratulations Amrita for being our volunteer of the Month! 


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