February Volunteer of the Month

February 2013 - Afewerki Kidane (Afu)

This month we recognized ISC’s volunteer Afewerki Kidane (Afu)! He signed up as a volunteer in 2012 and since then has made outstanding contributions as an Office Support, Cultural Interpreter and Senior’s Program volunteer.

Afu’s parents were originally from Eritrea; however, he was born and raised in the Republic of the Sudan.  Afu always enjoyed school and was a dedicated student. He graduated with a Bachelors Degree of Economics and Diploma of Social Science from Al Neelain University in Sudan. In 2007, along with his uncle, they decided to move to Calgary. They were hoping for a better future in a safe environment. He loves living in Calgary and likes how welcoming the people are and how it is growing into a multicultural city. He has even learnt to love the snow!

Afu decided to volunteer for ISC to apply his skills and knowledge to help people in need, give back to the community, and to gain experience.

Whichever position he volunteers in, Afu brings his intelligence, grace, and kindness to each role. Radhika Menon, ISC’s Seniors Program Coordinator adds “Afu has been an invaluable volunteer in the Community Initiatives and Access Program for Seniors. He has been regularly helping out in the Computer classes for Amharic and Tigrinya speaking clients. He has built up an excellent rapport with the clients and he teaches them basic computer skills like Internet browsing, Email, etc. He works well with the seniors and is kind and patient with them. The seniors have often expressed their appreciation of him. He is a wonderful asset to our program and we are greatly beholden to him”

Congratulations Afu! We are thankful for your commitment to ISC.


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